Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are

This book is for anyone who has ever asked the question, “What are the essential leadership competencies I need to create positive change?” Whether you’re an established or rising leader, an entrepreneur, or a changemaker trying to create change, this book will help you influence stakeholders, build trust, lead with optimism, deal with negative emotions, mobilize people, and show resiliency in the face of setbacks.


Führen mit Emotionen: Sieben emotionsbasierte Leadership-Kompetenzen für alle, die positive Veränderungen anstreben

Reiner Lomb zeigt in seinem bahnbrechenden Buch, durch welche sieben Emotionen es gelingt, eine effektive und befähigende Führungspersönlichkeit zu sein. Das Buch richtet sich dabei an alle, die positive Veränderungen herbeiführen wollen: Ob Unternehmer*in, aufstrebende Führungskraft oder Mensch mit der Vision, andere zum Handeln zu bewegen. Sie erfahren, wie Sie wichtige Stakeholder positiv beeinflussen, Vertrauen aufbauen, mit Optimismus führen und angesichts von Rückschlägen Resilienz beweisen

What people are saying about ASPIRE

I have often said that effective servant leadership is an inside job—a question of the heart. Reiner Lomb’s book ASPIRE, and the leadership model it is named for, addresses this question beautifully. Read this book and discover, analyze, and apply Lomb’s seven essential leadership behaviors and emotions for creating positive change. When you do, it will unleash your servant’s heart and inspire you to lead at a higher level.”

Ken Blanchard – Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Simple Truths of Leadership: 52 Ways to Be a Servant Leader and Build Trust

This book goes way beyond the typical leadership advice. Author Reiner Lomb writes that great leaders need to have a strong handle on their emotions as drivers of leadership behavior. From Lomb’s experience as a top executive coach the reader learns a well constructed, sequential and eminently practical process called ASPIRE. This book will help leaders become more aware of their emotional states and show them how to inspire others and create needed change.”

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D.Author of Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces And The Introverted Leader

This book makes a huge claim. No matter who you are, you can create positive change in the world. Few people believe this, so few people do it. This book is a must read for those who yearn to make a difference.”

Professor Robert E. QuinnUniversity of Michigan, Center for Positive Leadership and Author of Deep Change, Discovering the Leader Within

“What a delight. I truly enjoyed reading this book and love Reiner’s work. He is a master at unpacking the complexity of the human experience. His approach simplifies the dynamics of emotions and behavior and provides realistic actionable steps and disciplines to live life intentionally everyday. Reiner’s personal story and those of his clients provide the canvas to see his approach in action. If your desire is to earn the reputation of being a difference maker, ASPIRE is a companion for your journey to the future.”

Nancy M. DahlBoard Director, CEO and Award winning author of Grounded – Leading your life with intention.

ASPIRE is an excellent book. The emotional competencies shared by Reiner Lomb introduced me to a new and provocative perspective for leadership. Practicing these leadership emotions helps me make the dynamic shift to support a bold vision. Practicing emotional competencies gives me the energy for the essential behaviors to lead change and be a better person. I highly recommend ASPIRE to anyone passionate about leading change.

Dr. Bennie L. HarrisChancellor, University of South Carolina Upstate

Reiner Lomb, in his latest book, ASPIRE, offers leaders a new approach to leading change: managing our own emotions to accomplish the behaviors we desire. He uses true and fascinating examples from world leaders changing the course of history to his own coaching clients impacting their teams’ success. I especially appreciated how Lomb focuses on simple and critical emotions, like Trust, yet acknowledges the complexity of achieving it by elaboration: it includes “Trust IN you as a leader. Trust BY you in your stakeholders. And Trust BETWEEN your stakeholders.” Throughout this book, leaders will gain both insight and the ability to lead even more effectively.”

Martha LegareExecutive Coach and CEO, The Gantt Group

Reiner Lomb clearly and succinctly understands what good leadership is and how to develop the emotional stances that make leaders great. Aspire is a very well written book, rare among business literature these days, which makes it easier to learn how to build the emotional energy that is the root cause of great leadership…. As I did the very practical exercises that develop the ability to manifest each of the seven emotions critical to effective leadership, I felt a deeper and more permanent transformation.

Gifford Pinchot IIIEntrepreneur, President of Pinchot & Company and Author of Intrapreneuring

“Reiner’s “ASPIRE” masterfully links the power of emotional self awareness to being an effective, influential leader.  Just as a car “shifts” to a different gear in response to driving conditions, so can everyone (we are all leaders) control our own emotional states, and responses.  By “shifting” to the desired emotion, we “drive” our behaviors which are conducive to influencing others in fostering meaningful change. This ability is foundational in supporting Reiner’s premise that “a leader aspires to create positive, aspirational change”.

Bret LessmanFormer senior executive in Organizational Development with international organizations, including Hewlett-Packard and Siemens AG

As Reiner Lomb eloquently articulates in ASPIRE, the day of emotions-centered leadership has arrived. Emotions drive your actions and those of your team. They determine what you say and how you say it. Everything you do as a leader is influenced by emotions. Emotional competence is no longer a nice-to-have for leaders. Reading this book will give you a practical understanding of how you can immediately begin leveraging emotions for greater effectiveness. You’ll be grateful you took the time. I highly recommend it!”

Dan Newbyauthor of The Field Guide to Emotions and founder of The School of Emotions.

I couldn’t agree more with Reiner Lomb. ASPIRE is essential for the leaders of our time. The organizations and institutions that have the power to change the world are run by emotional beings. Fear, resentment, anger and distrust keep us from collaborating on the big challenges of our time. ASPIRE offers leaders and change-makers the essential emotional competencies to change that. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is passionate about creating positive change.”

Klaus Moegling, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, teacher trainer and author of Realignment. A Peaceful and Sustainably Developed World is (Still) Possible.

“In Aspire Reiner Lomb identifies seven essential emotions that drive seven key leadership behaviors. Lomb brings these emotions and behaviors to life with engaging stories and examples from his own work as a coach, giving readers a clear understanding of how they can be put into practice and the benefits for doing so.”

Charles Feltman, – executive coach and author The Thin Book of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work

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The Boomerang Approach

Return to Purpose,
Ignite Your Passion

A Straightforward Approach to Align Your Career with What You Care About

For people who are looking for meaning in their work, and for the coaches and managers who support them.  Do you:

  • Feel stuck in your career, with no enthusiasm for your work?
  • Wonder what you’ll do after retirement, or what your legacy will be?
  • Long to align your work with the issues you care about most?
  • Hesitate to change your career because you fear starting over, financial risk, or losing professional status?

The Boomerang Approach offers tools to conquer these issues and transition successfully to an energizing career rich with personal meaning. If you’re a professional coach, a counselor, or a manager supporting others in their own career-development and transition, these tools are designed to assist your work, too.

What people are saying about The Boomerang Approach

“Thought provoking book that I found perfect for successfully navigating a career transition process guided by true purpose. Reiner’s very simple and compelling approach to examining what you truly want and encouraging the design of nothing less was inspiring!”

Lisa Foulger – Executive Coach

An Elegant Life Guide. Thank you Reiner Lomb. This is an important, elegant guide for leveraging your passion in order to apply your strengths to what matters most for you. Lomb has captured and made accessible the principles I found and used in a thirty year career in organization, team and individual development. I wished I had written this book. I’m very thankful Lomb did.

Gale Long – Former Group Vice President, Oregon Cutting Systems, OMARK

A great book for people in the transition and coaches alike! Not only is “The Boomerang Approach”, with its practical and easy-to-follow process, a great book for people in the transition, it is a fabulous book for coaches — each chapter includes a special section for how coaches can implement each step into their practice. 

Claudia EngelAssistant Director – Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Ernst & Young

“Finding your vocation involves intuition and introspection as well as linear action planning – a combination that was foreign to me. The Boomerang Approach guided me through this process by providing a structured, yet simple path of personal and professional self-exploration. The end results provided me with a clear vision of my authentic professional self, my vocation, and the steps I need to take to achieve it.”

Megan SanickiSr. Program Manager, Google

“Reiner’s methods, insights and excellent questions made the transition much more successful than I would have expected at the outset. His experience and wisdom captured in this book are invaluable assets to anyone searching for a meaningful career and an excellent guide to get you through the challenges of the transition.”

David AxelrodFounder and CEO, HighSide Brewing

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