A Baby Boomer’s Own Wake-up Call to His “True Calling”

Lomb_2-hands-560x420(published today on the BoomerCafe website. For the entire post, click on the link below)

Years ago, during a time of inner struggle, I received a “wake-up call” to re-evaluate my life. On a business trip in Asia, jet-lagged I woke up in the middle of the night. I turned on the TV only to find a news story about an ethnic war in Africa in which the paramilitary troops of one ethnic group were raging through villages of another ethnic group and cutting off the arms of every little child they could find. They forced the father of each child (with a gun pointed at his head) to hold his own child’s hands during this brutal act. At that moment I thought of my son at home, and I identified in a very painful way with these fathers, imagining myself in their shoes…. click here for the whole story.