2024 Book Award and Upcoming Webinar

ASPIRE: 2024 Book Award and Upcoming Webinar

I’d like to share two exciting updates.

First, we are celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary of my book, ASPIRE. 

Our celebration of this anniversary is well timed since “ASPIRE: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change” has recently been chosen as a Finalist at the 2024 American Legacy Book Awards in both Management & Leadership and Motivational categories.

I’m deeply honored to be nominated. This award is a testament to the power of emotions in creating positive transformation. 

I am also grateful for your support in being part of this journey.

Second, we’d like to announce the upcoming Webinar “Plötzlich in Führung”

June 18, 2024, I will join Barbara Budrich (Publisher) in the Webinar: “Plötzlich in Führung .

Shockingly, 60% of first-time managers fail within the first 24 months, according to research conducted by CEB Global. For this reason, Barbara and I have decided to discuss the challenges of First-Time Managers in leading people and how they can prepare themselves better for their new role.

This webinar will be in German. For a detailed description of this free webinar and how you can pre-register, please go to the Barbara Budrich Verlag registration page.

We look forward to seeing you there, and would be grateful if you could invite any of your German speaking friends and colleagues to join us. 

Thank you for being part of this journey in creating a positive future together!