SL video 3 Compassion & the Commitment to Serving

ASPIRE: Compassion and the Commitment to Serving (video)

Today I’d like to share the third video in this series for first-time managers. This video series is also for those who coach or mentor people in a new management role. 

In the first two videos, I emphasized the importance of becoming a manager for the right reasons and the importance of caring. While caring about the needs of your key stakeholders, including your team, is essential for being an effective leader, caring alone is not enough. You also need to act on your caring. That means being committed to serving the needs of your stakeholders. That’s what I mean by being a manager for the right reasons.

You may remember Jennifer from the previous video, who was struggling with her under-performing team. By not showing enough that she cared about her team’s needs, Jennifer had demotivated them. But even after she had learned to be more caring, her team members also expected her to act on it. While caring is driven by feeling empathy for people, to serve the needs of people is driven by feeling compassion.

Compassion includes and builds on empathy, and it adds a deep commitment to acting on it. Compassion for others can be learned and developed. The question is how?

To learn more, watch the brief video.

Suddenly Leading video: Compassion – the Commitment to Serving

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