Oliver Gorf, Reiner Lomb, Anke Jahn

ASPIRE: Interest… the Key to Understanding (video)

Earlier this month I had the honor to speak at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta about the power of emotions in leading positive change. Thank you to Oliver Gorf and to Anke Jahn for joining me on the stage. 

Oliver Gorf and Reiner Lomb

This was a fun event with an engaged audience. One question from the audience stuck with me: “Can the emotional skills of the ASPIRE Leadership Model be used by people with bad intentions?” My answer: “The model, when applied, inherently leads to positive change, no matter where.” 

Take the example of empathy and compassion, which are two of the seven essential emotions from the ASPIRE Leadership Model. These two emotions drive caring and serving, which integrate collectively with the other 5 emotions towards achieving positive change.

Today, I’d like to share the fourth video in the “Suddenly Leading Series for first-time managers.” In the video, I talk about the importance of understanding and interest for new managers.

The expertise you need as a manager is not the same as what made you successful as an individual contributor. It is absolutely critical to understand what your team needs from you to succeed. For example, one area that is essential for a manager to understand is the strategic priorities of upper management, how your team can support those priorities, and what your team members need from you to meet their goals.

To learn more, watch the brief video:

“Suddenly Leading” video 4: Interest – the Key to Understanding

Stay tuned for more videos in the “Suddenly Leading” series which I will share in my newsletters over the coming weeks.

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ASPIRE Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change

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