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ASPIRE: Leading with Empathy & Care (video)

Today, we’re continuing our video series for first-time managers. The second video focuses on the essential leadership behavior of caring and on empathy, which is the emotion that opens the gate to caring.

Research shows that caring organizations: 

  • Have greater engagement of their employees, 
  • Perform better than their competitors, and 
  • Attract more talent than those that don’t have a caring culture. 

One non-caring behavior I often see in new managers is that they focus only on results, without paying attention to the needs of the team members who need to achieve these results. That is what happened with Jennifer (not her real name), who had been in her new management position for six months when she hired me as her coach. Her team was not performing well and if things didn’t improve, she might be at risk of losing her job and becoming part of the 60% of first-time managers who fail within the first 24 months. (According to research conducted by CEB Global.)

To see how I coached Jennifer to turn her situation around by becoming more caring and empathetic with her team, please watch this brief video:

To learn more on how to develop empathy and caring, take a look at my book, “ASPIRE Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change” on my website, There you can also download a free excerpt of the book.

Stay tuned for more videos in the “Suddenly Leading” series which I will share in my newsletters over the coming weeks.

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