Peak Performance Leadership Podcast with host: Scott McCarthy

Aspire to be a Leader | Reiner Lomb

Peak Performance Leadership Podcast (Episode 236)

Whether you are in a formal leadership role or are a rising leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker driven by a desire to use your voice to create change. The essence of leadership is creating a vision of an aspirational new future and then influencing people to change their behavior to make that vision a reality. Your inspiration to create aspirational change may come from your dissatisfaction with the status quo, joyful anticipation of an aspirational new future, or a new insight. To create such a vision and bring it into reality requires an emotional shift from hopelessness to optimism and inspiration, which then can mobilize any group – from dozens to millions.

In this conversation with host Scott McCarthy (Episode 236) Reiner discusses the following topics:

  • How he came up with his list of 7 leadership behaviour and emotional states
    1. Empathy
    2. Compassion
    3. Interest
    4. Optimism
    5. Inspiration
    6. Trust
    7. Positivity
  • How empathy is important and how to use
  • How to understand when we use too much empathy
  • How to be a compassionate leader
  • How to be an “interesting” leader
  • The different ways we can inspire others
  • How to breed positivity in your organization