Launch Party Celebrating ASPIRE Audiobook

Launch Party for New ASPIRE Audiobook

Webinar I am incredibly grateful for everybody’s encouragement and for all of the people who helped me celebrate my new audiobook, “ASPIRE: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change”. Thank you to Dr. Bennie Harris and Anke Jahn, LPC, BCC Jahn for being my special guests at the celebration. Their personal stories were a true inspiration! View the recording […]

7 Critical Emotions to Lead with Confidence and Grow Your Influence

Webinar 7 Critical Emotions to Lead with Confidence

Webinar In this webinar, I talk with Becky Robinson about the 7 key emotions to become a better leader, and how to tear down the wall of emotions that prevent us from working together. We discuss the critical emotions needed to lead with confidence and grow your influence. These insights are also explored in my book, […]


Reiner's new book ASPIRE now available on

In my new book, ASPIRE: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are, I show readers how to use the power of emotions to influence people and make their vision a reality.

A Lesson in Transformational Leadership

MLK’s Legacy: A Black Man Inspires Klansmen to Change. As we reflect on MLK’s legacy after the 50th anniversary of his death, one inspiring example is Daryl Davis, a black, blues musician who has courageously followed MLK’s 2nd principle of non-violence: “Seek friendship and understanding.” More than 30 years ago, Daryl Davis met a member […]

Lead with Compassion: A New Approach to Reconcile the Country

Daniel Goleman

In their article: “Compassion as a Generative Force,” Jane E. Dutton and Kristina Workman observe that “when compassion is lacking, outcomes are flawed.” That may explain why the president’s actions or decisions on such important issues as healthcare, climate change, Charlottesville or DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) have created such strong reactions on all […]