ASPIRE: 2024 Book Award and Upcoming Webinar

2024 Book Award and Upcoming Webinar

I’d like to share two exciting updates:
First, we are celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary of my book, ASPIRE. Second, we’d like to announce the upcoming Webinar “Plötzlich in Führung”

ASPIRE: Compassion and the Commitment to Serving (video)

SL video 3 Compassion & the Commitment to Serving

While caring is driven by feeling empathy for people, to serve the needs of people is driven by feeling compassion.

Compassion includes and builds on empathy, and it adds a deep commitment to acting on it. Compassion for others can be learned and developed. The question is how?

ASPIRE: Author Reiner Lomb at Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta March 12, 2024

Reiner at Goethe Zentrum Atlanta March 12

Join us for an exciting evening at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta on Tue, March 12, 6:30pm. Learn the seven essential emotions for leading positive change from my book, ASPIRE and how you can apply them to creating positive change. You will hear amazing stories, including how a small group of committed leaders peacefully brought down the Berlin Wall by mobilizing […]

ASPIRE: Leading with Empathy & Care (video)

SL video 2 Lead with Empathy and Care

Today, we’re continuing our video series for first-time managers. The second video focuses on the essential leadership behavior of caring and on empathy, which is the emotion that opens the gate to caring.