Essential Emotions for Leaders (video)

Reiner Lomb on The Mind Behind Leadership Podcast

The Mind Behind Leadership podcast: In this interview with Graham Dobbin, I share my own story of discovering the power of emotions in developing leadership skills to effect transformational change.   Please tune in to my conversation with Graham:, where we talk more about emotions and how one needs to be vulnerable, compassionate and empathetic […]

Lead with Emotion for Higher Impact (video)

Reiner Interview EVZ podcast

Epic Vision Zone Show podcast: Conventional wisdom says that emotions have no place in business or leadership. In my interview with Jane Applegath, I explain how this is a fallacy, and how we really need to come together to address the issues of our time. (EVZ podcast: Jane and I discuss the importance of […]

What Does It Take to Be a Worthy Leader? (video)

R Lomb on TMYS podcast

Tell Me Your Story podcast: Learn about the essential skills for being an effective leader. In this interview, I share my own story of how I got involved in finding the leadership skills to effect transformational change.   Please tune in to my conversation with Richard Dugan host of the Tell Me Your Story podcast:, […]

Emotional Shifts at Heart of Leadership (audio)

Prosperity Podcast

The Prosperity Show podcast: In my interview with Joan Sotkin, I discuss how leaders are often well-developed intellectually, but not emotionally.  You can listen to the podcast interview on Joan’s website: During the podcast, we also talk about various aspects of empathy and how important it is in order to understand where people are coming […]

Powerful Emotions to Lead Positive Change (audio)

Business Owners Radio (podcast)

Business Owners Radio podcast: For an introduction to #leading-positive-change through the power of emotions, please tune in to my interview with Shye Gilad and Craig Moen on the #Business-Owners-Radio podcast, where we discuss my new book, ASPIRE: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are I invite you to listen […]