Leading in a Divided World (video)

A Conversation between Reiner Lomb and Jacquelyn Reeves

Below is a short video of my interview with intercultural expert Jacquelyn Reeves about why and how we should change the way we lead.

Why Change the Way We Lead

Today there are many complex challenges, such as climate change, pandemics, inequality and more. To overcome these challenges, we need to be united. Sadly, we have become more and more divided. This is why we need to change the way we lead.

3 Powerful Leadership Behaviors

What follows are three powerful leadership behaviors that help to bridge differences.

  • Don’t React, Strive to Understand: Strive to understand instead of reacting is an essential step for building a bridge. By postponing judgment and assuming good intent you are opening yourself up to gain greater understanding.
  • Create the Motivation to Collaborate: The question is what would motivate you to bridge differences? Even if you cannot agree with someone on everything, by realizing that our planet is an island where we all depend on each other should inspire you to find common ground.
  • Promote Positivity to Build Resilience: Negativity can diminish our ability to be resilient. Creating a positive mood helps you and the people around you to be more resilient in challenging times, such as a pandemic.
For more details, I invite you to watch this short video (14 min) from my interview with Jacquelyn Reeves: