PRONTO team in Bihar, India – nurse midwives dedicated to saving lives at birth.

PRONTO Team Strives to Save Millions of Babies and Their Mothers: An Example of Scaling Innovation in Health Care

co-authored by Reiner Lomb and Udaiyan Jatar
(published Feb. 12, 2016 on the Huffington Post. For the entire post, click on the link below)

PRONTO International, Bihar, India
PRONTO International in Bihar, India – with a team of excited and passionate nurse midwives dedicated to saving lives at birth.

This is about how a passionate group of doctors, midwives and nurses are transforming themselves so they can transform the world. They are the founders of PRONTO International, a nonprofit that invented an effective, simulation-based solution for training medical staff to save the lives of mothers and babies during birth emergencies. PRONTO’s training approach is unique in that they have created a highly-realistic simulation that can be adapted to local circumstances, so clinicians are trained in the actual settings where these emergencies take place.

PRONTO is regarded as among the best in the world for training medical teams in resource starved environments, which has helped them to gain partnerships with prominent organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CARE India. However, despite having trained almost three thousand nurses, midwives and doctors across the globe, PRONTO is painfully aware that they have only scratched the surface of the problem. The most recent statistics show that an average of 830 women still die every day due to complications during childbirth. In 2014, 4.5 million babies died before the age of one.Click here for the whole story.

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