Re-engage: How to Reverse the “Great Resignation” (video)


In 2021, nearly 50% of America’s workforce were actively or passively looking for a new job. Over the course of this same period, American businesses experienced a very high rate of employee resignations which amounted to roughly 3 to 5 million people resigning per month.

The Challenge

Companies are struggling to stop and change course from this so-called “Great Resignation.” To address this issue, hiring managers need to understand what’s motivating so many people to look for different jobs in such record numbers.

The desire for better pay is often called out as a primary cause for people looking for another job. In addition to the pay, Gallup also attributes the record-high quit rate to the pandemic, which has caused people to rethink what they really need in their job.

The Solution

To reverse the tide, Gallup emphasizes that managers need to care for and engage with employees, and most importantly, help them find a sense of purpose. In my work as an executive coach, one powerful way I have found for managers to do this, is to actively support their employees in developing and pursuing their career aspirations.

In this short video from a past DisruptHR Atlanta event, I share a straightforward approach managers can take to help employees find the sweet spot where their passion, purpose and strengths align. Taking this approach, managers maximize engagement and motivate employees to continue their career path with the company.

Learn More

For a brief overview, please watch the video. To learn more about how to implement this approach, I invite you to read “The Boomerang Approach”.