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Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter Where You Are

In my new book, ASPIRE, I show readers how to use the power of emotions to influence people and make their vision a reality. This book is for anyone who has ever asked themselves the question: 

What are the most essential leadership competencies to create the change I aspire to, and how can I learn them without spending too much time?

Whether you are an executive, a rising leader, an entrepreneur, or a changemaker driven to use your voice to lead change, ASPIRE shows you how to:

  • Positively influence key stakeholders
  • Build trust
  • Lead with optimism
  • Ride the waves of negative emotions
  • Mobilize people to take action
  • Choose resiliency in the face of setbacks

I would be grateful if you would help spread the word about this empowering book.

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Live your purpose. Lead positive change. Be resilient.