What Role Emotions Play in Leadership?

What Role Do Emotions Play in Leadership? More than you might think!

Guest article, The Kevin Eikenberry Group blog (Aug. 2022)

Conventional wisdom says emotions have no place in business or leadership. This is a fallacy. Emotion-based leadership skills empower you as an emerging leader to grow your influence and increase your impact. While there is no consensus on a single definition of emotions, there is consensus that they do affect our behavior.

How Emotions Affect Behavior

Many people still hold the long-standing belief that emotions are automatic, universal, and hardwired in different regions of our brain, and therefore they are just happening to us. Latest research overturns this belief. These findings show that our brain constructs emotions by continually predicting and simulating all the sensory information from inside and outside our bodies, so it understands what this information means and what to do about it. That means that we are responsible for our emotions and moods, and we can learn to become aware of our emotional state. If we find that it’s not useful for our desired leadership behavior, we can then shift it to the emotional state that drives our desired behavior.

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