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Finding Passion and Purpose

To guide you in the process of finding a career path aligned with your passion and purpose, Reiner Lomb has created The Boomerang Approach.    

The Boomerang Approach

The Boomerang Approach is a six step process designed to help you align your career with your passion and purpose. Using the Boomerang Approach, we will lead you through a process of self-discovery, defining, testing and finally transitioning to your new role. Our approach is based on extensive research and over 30 years of coaching, and integrates best practices from successful career transitions. This allows you to gain more clarity and insight at each step and reduces the risks associated with a career move or change.

This will help you...

  • gain clarity about your life and career direction
  • envision the future you aspire to create
  • build the foundation for personal and professional development
  • prepare and make a career change
  • feeling inspired and intrinsically motivated

Results may include...

  • live a more fulfilled and happier life
  • become a more inspiring leader
  • deeper and more sustained commitment to your work
  • greater success in your career and in life
  • increase contribution to the causes you care about

How that may feel...

Do you remember a time in your life when you were “in the flow,” when you worked on something and you were forgetting time and space, when you felt happy, creative, and fulfilled, and when you knew you were making an important contribution? You might have worked by yourself or in a team. In all likelihood, what you were doing was aligned with your passion and purpose. We are passionate about helping you return to that feeling.

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