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The boomerang approach integrates best practices from successful career transitions to help you find a career with passion and purpose.


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Aligning your work with your passion and purpose helps increase and sustain your motivation and performance which will benefit both you and your organization.

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Our Approach 

Leadership begins with leading yourself. This means knowing your values, strengths, passion and purpose, and applying this knowledge consistently to your life and career. The Boomerang Approach is a six step process designed to help you align your career with your passion and purpose. Using the Boomerang Approach, we will lead you through a process of self-discovery, defining, testing and finally transitioning to your new role. Our approach is based on extensive research and over 20 years of coaching, and integrates best practices from successful career transitions. This allows you to gain more clarity and insight at each step and reduces the risks associated with a career move or change.