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Learn to Lead

The essence of leadership is creating a vision of an aspirational new future and then influencing people to change their behavior to make that vision a reality.

A useful model in the context of influencing behavior is to think of emotions as drivers of or barriers to the desired behavior. This means that the ability to understand your own emotional barriers and drivers and those of others is essential for changing your own behavior and influencing a change in the behavior of others. There are more than 250 emotions and a person can experience a mixture of emotions at any given time, and learning emotions can seem overwhelming.

The ASPIRE Leadership Model

Overwhelmed? That’s why Reiner Lomb developed The ASPIRE Leadership Model, which focuses on the seven essential emotions and behaviors for leading positive, aspirational change. Learning the seven essential emotions and how to shift to the ones you need will drive the leadership behaviors that help you create the change you aspire to, no matter where you are.

This will help you...

  • create an aspirational vision for your personal and professional life
  • lead and create change, no matter where you are
  • learn the essential emotions and behaviors for creating positive change

Results may include...

  • increased confidence and influence
  • more trusting relationships in your personal and professional life
  • become a more caring, inspiring and resilient leader
  • make your dreams come through

How that may feel...

”I have become a different person than I was when I started out learning about these emotions and behaviors.”
“Before, when I was facing a challenging situation, I was allowing myself to spiral into a negative mood, without being aware of it.”
“… one time someone hurt me and I felt the urge to react vengefully. Feeling like that usually got me ruminating about how unfairly I was treated. The problem was, being stuck in the past didn’t allow me to look beyond myself and it kept me from truly leading others.”
 “Now, I am very conscious of how I feel in a specific situation and when I feel a certain negative emotion, I use it to understand what story is going through my mind. I can then dispute or validate my story and create a shift that is more helpful in dealing with the situation.”
“I feel transformed into a better human being, at home, in my community and at work. I recognized this in the way people react more positively towards me than they did before. As a result, I have been able to increase my circle of influence steadily. For example, I used to lead a team of a handful of people and I felt nervous. Now, even though I am leading a much larger organization, I feel confident about it.” 

Srinivas Yamujala, Global Technology Executive


The delivery options, length of the program and the frequency of the sessions depend on your needs and will be customized accordingly. Please Contact us to discuss suitable options for your situation


Offered to any size audience, such as at team offsites, internal company events or conferences, in person or virtually.

Executive Coaching

Provided as a series of individual sessions over an agreed period of time, such as three, six or twelve months, in person or virtually.


Delivered to a group of people, such as your team or selected group of people from your organization, onsite or virtually.